Achievement Personified

Setting goals can be time-consuming. The planning process can be somewhat complicated. Achieving them, daunting. Stuff gets in the way; time, money, people, commitments, education, talents, gender, height, knowledge, attitude. Let’s face it, we can feel pretty inadequate at times, about our self and our abilities. If we allow it, our “perceived” adversities can put the brakes on our dreams and desires.

The next time you get to feeling down and a bit inadequate, watch this short story about Dan Caro and overcoming challenges.  NOTE: Listen very carefully to the last 15 seconds of the clip.

Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!

9 thoughts on “Achievement Personified

  1. Fantastic and heart touching too. Makes me want to thank God for who I am…
    Paul many thanks for connecting and following me on Image Breakers, and I look forward to reading more of your fine blog soon…


  2. Paul,
    Thank you for sharing this. Dan’s zest for life is inspiring. I was first introduced to Dan’s story in a Wayne Dyer PBS special. Every time I see or hear more about Dan I’m reminded about the power of perseverance and perspective.


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