Godspeed Zig Ziglar

Rest in peace, dear friend.

Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!


photo credit: Parker Young Photography

17 thoughts on “Godspeed Zig Ziglar

  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my page. I feel heard and appreciated. Gratitude Dance! I am glad you are following your heart, and inspiring the people of our planet! Thank you for all you do. :~)


  2. Thanks for visiting my blog. I am beginning to understand the quote above. It takes work to be a winner and commitment. Both are something I am working to improve in myself. I appreciate your inspirations.


    • Thanks, Joy. Ol Zig is right on …it takes a plan, belief in self and abilities to carry out the plan, and the disciplined action schedule to carry out the plan. That’s all there is to it. Thanks for stopping by. Be well. ~Paul


  3. Hi Paul

    Thanks for your visit to soulsnet. Since I have been blogging I have been delighted to become acquainted with Zig Ziglar. I hadn’t heard of him before, so I don’t know if he is well known in the UK, but I’ve certainly found great inspiration in his words. Thanks for sharing this.


    • Corinne, he was a down-to-earth character. He was a superb inspirational speaker using homespun wisdom and sometimes corny jokes that left his audiences pumped, inspired, and laughing. I had the opportunity to chat with Zig a couple of times …I still remember them fondly. I had a three cassette tape goal achievement program of his that I listened to so many times that two of the three tapes actually wore out. Zig had a way of leaving people feeling that they were special people. Thanks so much for you kind words, Corinne. I recommend you listen to his presentations whenever you get the chance. Cheers. ~Paul


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