In times of immense and senseless tragedy we are appalled at what mankind is capable of doing to others. We feel vulnerable, sad, angry, helpless. We can offer our condolences, prayers, and assistance, but we cannot eliminate the pain. This we must all endure.

For the future, however, we can re-commit ourselves to kindness, tolerance, and compassion towards all, so that atrocities which lie ahead of us might hopefully be fewer and less painful. We can take a more active role in looking out for one another, in supporting and helping one another. We can know that regardless of future events, we at least made a genuine effort to foster harmony, wellness, and tranquility in our world.


May the innocent children and the courageous educators of Sandy Hook school who lost their lives on December 14, 2012 rest in peace. May their families, friends, co-workers, fellow students, and the community of Newtown eventually find peace, healing, and acceptance.

Paul Mark Sutherland 


16 thoughts on “Sadness

  1. What can I say? Sad moments of this magnitude and tragedies such as these, often leave me speechless. My hope is that everyone concerned would find peace and the future will be graced with abundant love and regard for one another.
    Your words bring encouragement and hope. They were well said.
    Thanks for sharing!


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  3. There will always be sadness, misery, pain, fear, loss — we need only to learn how to deal with them and see them in a positive light. My heart bleeds for the innocent bystanders to this great personal tragedy. May this push us to reconsider our views on the following:

    1. gun culture and gun control
    2. alerness, response to and treatment of mental illness, personality disorders, depression, even mere loneliness or unhappiness (often expressed in severe anti-social behavior)
    3. social ties, especially family ties
    4. security, especially on campuses, offices, churches
    5. our culture of violence — TV, movies, gaming
    6. our culture of self-entitlement, too much freedom, lack of social, moral, and emotional discipline

    Thank you.


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  5. This is a time to grieve and to offer hope. The last thing that should be taking place right now is opportunistic clamoring for the political fools gold of gun control. The state already has bans on assault weapons. Adam Lanza violated probably half a dozen gun laws in committing his crime–not to mention showing utter disregard for all laws and for innocent human life. Just what gun laws would have prevented this? Nonsense!

    The truth is, this case does show the limits of tolerance. While I agree that we should seek to live at peace with all people–even those with whom we disagree on important subjects, I also understand that some people deserve our collective condemnation. We should not tolerate the Adam Lanzas of this world. We should condemn their actions without any hint of hesitation or equivocation. This is about the evil of murder. Let’s call it what it is and love the victims left.


  6. Your kindness and wisdom make your blogs places I can rely on for comfort. Thank you so much for putting into words the song in my heart: “we can re-commit ourselves to kindness, tolerance, and compassion towards all” for this is a sad time, but we must hold onto hope. Bless your heart.
    With gratitude, Gina


  7. Thank you for this post. I like what you said about re-committing ourselves to kindness, tolerance and compassion… In times of tragedy it’s so important to remember this, otherwise we lose our way and get pulled into misery, which only creates more misery… Thanks again for sharing the hope. It helps so much….


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  9. Thank you Paul. I do agree. We need to create a culture of genuine compassion and caring that includes those who don’t fit in, so they don’t feel that this is the only way out. My heart goes out to all those in Newtown.
    Thank you too for visiting spiritual signposts.


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