How To Open Your Heart to Higher Vibrations


What appears below is the opening two paragraphs
from an article on LOVE from the current OMTIMES MAGAZINE


Have you ever felt the desire to bring more love into your life? Not the romantic, lustful love we read about in novels, but the practice of pure, accepting, unconditional love. How many times have most all of us said, “I wish I wasn’t so angry and judgmental” or “I wish I could manifest real love in my life”? The benefits of bringing unconditional love into our lives are endless, it is something we all can do, all it takes is a little practice.

The first step to unconditional love is to open your heart and see things for what they really are. At the core of every single person in the world is the desire to be loved and accepted. There are only two base emotions and vibrations that we all experience. They are love and fear. All other emotions stem from these two states of mind. It may seem strange to think that fear is the opposite of love, and not hate, but if you really think about this, it is easy to see it is true. Hate is simply a result of extreme fear-based feelings. Think of any instance in which someone is acting out of hate, try to get to the root of the issue and you will see that indeed it stems from fear. In essence, all the negativity in the world is a result of the vibration of fear, just as all positivity is a result of love.

A wonderful Goal Habit to be sure.
You can read the entire article HERE


Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!



original graphic credit: OMTIMES

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