Success Quote on Kindness

“A warm smile is the universal language of kindness.”
—William Arthur Ward


Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!



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8 thoughts on “Success Quote on Kindness

    • Talk about kindness…what a very kind thing to say. Thank you, kind sir! What I missed Adan, was hooking up with you when you were up north here a few years back. We weren’t that far away from each other. That would have been fun. I don’t get down your way much anymore. Be well my friend.

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        • Hopefully we’ll make it to Vermont & definitely will let you know, Paul 😊 Yeah, folks here vary as much as I suspect folks do in most places. I like beer and “some” wine; my wife likes wine and “some” beer, and we both like ice tea, lol! And coffee’s a given each morning – mmmmm 😊


        • We’re birds of a feather, Adan. Beer or wine every night at dinner for me (and the Mrs. also). Also a large home-brewed BOLD coffee in the A.M. Now, if you get the math right you’ll never have to age into your 70’s. You’re now 69, when the birthday comes this year, like mine did two months ago, just decide to turn 60-10. Next year, 60-11…and so on, and so on. Like I said, birds of a feather. So I think it’s very likely that we went to different schools together as well. I now tell anyone that asks that I’m shooting for 60-30…and then I’ll reevaluate for the remaining years. 🙂 😉

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        • Ahhhaha! What a wonderful way to count the years 😊 I think I’ll bite the numbers bullet, already wondering how I’ll process each new – as our 7 year old grandson puts it – big number ❤️


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