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She sat on a chair in the college psychology professor’s office, talking about how badly she was being treated by her boyfriend. When she stopped venting, he stared at her and finally said “You are a psych major, right?” She nodded the affirmation, and waited to hear the special help he would offer. He said, “I follow the GOYA school of psychology”.

Confused, she stammered “I’m not familiar with that – is it kind of like surrealist, for the artist?” (She wasn’t an art major).

He said, “No – it means get off your ass! If you don’t like where you are – move! If you are in pain because you are sitting on a pin – Get Off Your Ass!”

Applicable Anywhere, Anytime – The GOYA School!

He didn’t mean to dispense spiritual advice, but that is what he gave. In many situations, we don’t need therapy or a guru – we just need to follow the GOYA school. Hate your job? Cannot recapture love with your spouse? Need friends? Weigh too much? Dreams out of reach? Want to start a business? Try the GOYA school.

Maintaining the motivation to continue is a huge barrier to those who sign up with the GOYA school. Find one friend who also wants to make significant changes – and meet at least weekly to report on progress and identify next actions. It is amazing how far you can travel in a week if there is accountability at the end!

So, how does the GOYA school work?

First, define the place you are willing to leave. (Stop seeing the abusive boyfriend).

Find a partner, and both state the scenes you are leaving. Brainstorm all the pitfalls to success: (He could call, he could show up, I could get lonely, or drunk).

For each pitfall, brainstorm a response.

The more important list – what are the positive steps to take in the next week to replace the toxic substance, or to lead to long-term change? (meet new people (start online dating) a dance class, (or any time-consuming interest to study), spend time with old friends.

After a week, meet with your partner, report on progress or lack of progress, and develop a new list for the coming week.

[LINK] to full article that first appeared in OM Times Magazine


Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!



*The Very Thought Of Me

One of the most important habits for goal achievement and happiness is the non-conditional belief in our abilities and ourselves. This belief should be sincere, unwavering, and pervasive. In fact, this is exactly what turns it into a habit! Often though, ugly or unwanted thoughts and beliefs attempt to stray into our precious psyche. When this happens pro-active thinking must lace up the gloves and start swinging.

“First it is important to realize it is the thoughts which make the person. You are what your thoughts are. What ever you have thought in the past is influencing much of your life today. What ever you are thinking today will shape your future. You are nothing but your thoughts.” These words are from an article appearing in OM Times magazine written by Baba Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari.

He goes on to list 8 “very practical things that you can do that will help you to interrupt and distract yourself from these ugly or unwanted thoughts.” You can read the complete article HERE.

Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!