Success Quote – Dec. 9, 2015


“If you want to build a ship, don’t drum up the men to gather wood, divide the work and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea.”
–Antoine de Saint Exupery


Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!


original artist credit: Anna Lakisova


Goal Achievement Quote – Oct. 2, 2012

“Our future is always a blank canvas. We are presented daily with the opportunity to paint a beautiful and engaging work of art. The paint we apply is a blend of our ideas, visions, expectations, and passions. The trouble is, far too many of us insist on using dirty old paint. This produces a drab and uninspiring reproduction. It’s up to us to use fresh and vibrant paint to produce a work that may not be technically perfect, but is beautiful and rewarding to all who care to see…especially ourselves.”
—Paul Mark Sutherland  


Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!

*Today’s Goal Achievement Quote from Goal

The Art of Achievement


You hold in your hand the camel’s-hair brush of a painter of Life.
You stand before the vast white canvas of time. 
The paints are your thoughts, emotions, and acts.

You select the colors of your thoughts; drab or bright, weak or strong, good or bad. 
You select the colors of your emotions; discordant or harmonious, harsh or quiet, weak or strong. 
You select the colors of your acts; cold or warm, fearful or daring, small or big.

You visualize yourself as the person you want to be.
You strive to make the ideal in your mind become a reality on the canvas of Time.

Each moment of your life is a brush stroke in the painting of your growing career. 
There are the bold, sweeping strokes of one increasing, dynamic purpose. 
There are the lights and shadows that make your life deep and strong. 
There are the little touches that add the stamp of character and worth. 
The art of achievement is the art of making life—your life—a masterpiece.

—Wilfred A. Peterson

Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!