Distant Mile


We should be glad for distant things,
For beauty ‘round the bend;
For highways that lead on and on
With never any end.

Be glad for goals just out of reach,
The challenge of a star,
The glory of a distant light
That beacons from afar.

For hopes and dreams are built on
That enchanted distant mile,
And far-off bright horizons
Make the road today worthwhile.

—Helen Lowrie Marshall

Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one! 


10 thoughts on “Distant Mile

  1. Paul, For the very small number of us who have run across the United States, this poem will have far deeper impact than you can imagine.
    When I ran east bound on Rt 50 from Carson City, NV to Delta, UT I saw many stretches of road which closely resemble the above photo.
    “We should be glad for distance things”…indeed.
    Be encouraged!


    • Stephen, what a wonderful, and insightful, comment. I have MUCH respect for you “ultra” folk. The most I have done is a marathon, and I haven’t done any of those for a number of years now. You should know, however, that after doing 5 miles on Saturday on a somewhat desolate road, I ended up “seeing” this post and putting it together that day. Because I love running, and am passionate about helping others find ways to achieve their goals, this was a fun post for me to do. The two just go so well together.

      Thanks again, my friend, for sharing your thoughts. Be well. 🙂


  2. Hey Paul, I forgot to mention in my last post…my avatar pic was taken as I ran out of the Sierra Nevada mountain range and was on the outskirts of Carson City, getting ready to turn left onto Rt 50.


  3. So apropos for me…running injury still keeping me sidelined and am looking forward to that “distant mile”! Thank you!


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