Achievement Quote – Feb. 6, 2014

“Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed, its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.”
—Og Mandino


Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!

Goal Achievement Quote – Oct. 19, 2012

“All my life I’ve been surrounded by people who are smarter than I am, but I found I could always keep up by working hard.”
—Glenn Seaborg  


Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!


How much GRIT do you have? If you don’t have much…you won’t achieve much!

If you start out to do something—then DO it.
If you set a goal—ACHIEVE it.
If you have a plan—MAKE it happen.

GRIT is doing what you set out to do—regardless of the obstacles.

Sometimes winning in life doesn’t happen exactly as you planned it. Sometimes the most important win is internal, sometimes it’s external.

Sometimes what you think is a loss actually turns out to be a win …but only if you go “all in.” Sometimes when it’s all said and done, you might just amaze yourself. Sometimes, you’ll even AMAZE others. And that …is a WIN WIN!

Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one! 

Goal Achievement Quote 4/10/12

If we intend to leave a meaningful legacy when we’re gone, when it comes to people, we had better steer clear of the “tearing down” and be engaged in the “building up” while we’re still here.”
—Paul Mark Sutherland

Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!

Distant Mile


We should be glad for distant things,
For beauty ‘round the bend;
For highways that lead on and on
With never any end.

Be glad for goals just out of reach,
The challenge of a star,
The glory of a distant light
That beacons from afar.

For hopes and dreams are built on
That enchanted distant mile,
And far-off bright horizons
Make the road today worthwhile.

—Helen Lowrie Marshall

Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one! 

Goal Achievement Quote 4/2/12

“Today, not tomorrow, is the best time to stop planning and start performing.”  —Paul Mark Sutherland

Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!

What Have You Done With Q1?

Let’s Celebrate…

Q1, 2012 is in the record books. What…you haven’t accomplished all that you planned; WHAT…hardly anything? Oh, my!

Well, the good news is you’re hardly alone. In fact, you’re in the majority. We really are a species of habitual procrastinators. So, apparently, you fit right in. After all, most of us do like to feel as if we’re one of the crowd.

Now for the bad news, if you had planned to accomplish X, and didn’t, you bargained with the devil. You repeatedly forfeited some portion of your future success, abundance, and/or happiness for some short-term pleasure or comfort. Hardly a fair exchange, although at the time it may have seemed so.

Now for some more good news, you can still salvage your year. Oh, I know you have no doubt that you intend that you will …right? However, lacking a palpable change, Q2, Q3, and Q4 are very likely to end the same way. Want to explore a surprisingly simple solution to the lack of accomplishment conundrum and turn this year into a year of achievement? Keep reading.

The Monthly Project

Here is a simple monthly program that will guide you to ending your year with nine meaningful achievements and/or accomplishments.

Create a list that contains all of the achievements, goals, objectives, and projects that you have routinely put off starting or finishing. Take 15 minutes, right now, write it or type it, but DO IT. Make it personal and meaningful. Don’t stop until you have a minimum of 20 items. Your list has to be real, and it has to be uniquely yours. Here are the types of items that I often hear from others in seminars:

  • start an exercise program
  • paint the living room
  • write a book (or a chapter)
  • learn Photoshop (or some other program)
  • clean out the garage, or basement, or closet, or shed
  • launch my Etsy business
  • become a volunteer
  • organize that box (or boxes) of pictures
  • prepare my will
  • visit ________
  • join Toastmasters
  • create a website

(Do not continue reading until your list is complete.)

With your list complete, choose the 14 items from your list that are the most important to YOU (circle, underline, or check/tic). Now analyze your list carefully and pare it down to the most important 9 (nine months remain in the year). Attach each of your nine projects to one of the nine remaining months. A bit of finesse may be required here depending on your already scheduled monthly activities or commitments.

For the 1st monthly project only, break the project down into as many as 30 mini-goals, one for each day, which will culminate in the achievement or accomplishment of your project. Assign the mini-goals to a specific day of the upcoming month. It is not necessary to have 30, you may have fewer, but one for each day is the max. Further, slot each of the mini-goals in specific time slots on their assigned day. Now you need only complete each of the mini-goals which have been assigned to specific time slots on specific days. Do whatever is necessary to complete your daily goal …but, DO IT. When the month ends, you’re a winner …you’ve completed a project that you have been putting off since …well, you know. Just repeat the mini-goal assignment process on the last day of each month for each succeeding month.

You may have noticed that I used the words achievement and accomplishment. Here’s the difference in the two. Accomplishments are things that you feel you must do. Achievements are things that you have never done before that you would be proud of, as in goals. As an example, cleaning out a closet or organizing a box of pictures would usually be considered accomplishments, while starting an Etsy business or writing a book would usually be considered achievements. This doesn’t mean that accomplishments that can be monthly projects aren’t as important or as valuable as achievements. If it made your list, it is important enough in your life to be meaningful and impactful for your wellbeing, therefore it’s a keeper.

Daily Goals Are The Best Kind Of Goals

Completing small daily goals is the key, not only for these nine projects, but for all success endeavors. One the biggest reasons most of us don’t achieve nearly as much as we’d like is that our goals often seem monumental and daunting. We need to get away from creating long drawn out goals and replace them with long drawn out objectives. Daily goals are the best kind of goals for four reasons:

  1. All goals should be “I will achieve this, no matter what,” if they’re not, don’t call them goals.
  2. Daily achievements are ‘bite size’ successes.
  3. Missed ‘bite size’ achievements are much easier to recover from and make up.
  4. Daily successes are the best motivator for more and bigger success.

Look back over your original list. Now imagine having your nine most important projects complete …and in the record books. You only have to do one small additional thing each day, just one 30th of one project. You still have time for all of the other things you want to do. And what a wonderful success habit you will have created for yourself. You can do this! You will be are a winner!

Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!

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